Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Selling Super-Soap in Xi'an

The old Muslim quarter in Xi'an was once point of departure of the Silk Road in China. The saying goes that the Hui people living there today are direct descendants of the Arab traders who travelled the Silk Road in ancient times.

Even today, walking through the streets of the Muslim quarter gives you a distinctive Silk Road feeling.



 All generations are actively involved in trading, and everything has its price:

Some people though just sit by the street and enjoy watching funny strangers.

At night, the streets are illuminated by light bulbs, the trading goes on, and in many places food is offered:


One afternoon, I came upon a merchant who was loudly advertising the benefits of the soap he was selling:

If you happen to dirty your shirt on the chain of a motorcycle, this is no issue. Super-Soap will solve your problem in no time: 


Sometimes you might spill a few drops of ink on your shirt while practicing calligraphy. Nothing to worry about if you have super-soap at home.

Some people in the audience had rather dirty trousers. The merchant volunteered to solve the problem on the spot:


After such compelling demonstration, the audience was convinced.


I also bought some soap:

Unfortunately, the product displayed some unforseen features. When I arrived at home after my travels in China, the soap had successfully absorbed a lot of liquidity, and had transformed itself into an interestingly smelling, crumbly pulp:

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