Tuesday, 12 February 2013

The Ice-Hole Fishermen

When on an early February morning you come to the shores of lake Shartash, a bit to the east of Yekaterinburg, the ice is speckled with small black dots. As every morning, the ice-hole fishermen are already there.

With their long, crank-handled drills, they bore a hole into the ice. Then they place a box or a small camping chair next to the hole, sit down, and wait.


Ice-hole fishermen don't speak a lot. They like to keep their distance.


Only occasionally do they walk up to a friend, to exchange a couple of words on how the fishing is going.

Then they go back to their hole, soon to be again deeply absorbed by their task.

I played a bit around with windows movie maker, to make a small slide-show about the ice-hole fishermen (the music is the soundtrack to the film Loup, composed by Krishna Levy):

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