Friday, 26 July 2013

Shiny Happy People

One sunny Wednesday afternoon, I went for a walk in Urumqi's people's park.

In the park is a big ferris wheel, from which one has a nice view over the city and the sourrounding mountains:

On my way to a small pagoda, I met a funny Uyghur family. 

The father was scroupulously recording every detail of the family excursion on his video camera, so after I met them walking down the stairs, we had to film again how I met them walking down the stairs.

Then I met these guys:

In the meantime, a bit further down the hill, people were dancing on a leafy square:

I have always been impressed by the many different things Chinese people do in their parks. If they don't dance, they play music and sing:

...keep themselves fit... games... pong...

...or fish in the park's many ponds and then sell the fish to passers-by:

Shiny happy people.

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