Friday, 4 October 2013

10 Nice Recent Papers in Institutional Economics

Today, I spent my day writing up a syllabus for a class in institutional economics I'm to give at HSE's Perm campus in November. Looking for new research in the field, I found a whole bunch of interesting new papers. Below is a list of the 10 papers I liked most (for a large part of the list, I'm indebted to Andres Marroquin's brilliant blog on institutional and development economics):

1) Ramirez C. (2013) 'Is corruption in China "out of control"? A comparison with the US in historical perspective', Journal of Comparative Economics, forthcoming

2) Fuchs A., Klann N.  (2011) 'Paying a Visit: The Dalai Lama Effect on International Trade', Center for European Governance and Economic Development Research, Discussion Paper No. 113

3) Dell M. (2010) 'The Persistent Effects of Peru's Mining Mita', Econometrica, 78(6): 1863-1903

4) Skarbeg D. (2011) 'Governance and Prison Gangs', American Political Science Review, 105(4): 702-716

5) Lee J., Pyun J. (2013) 'Does Trade Integration Contribute to Peace?', Korea University, working paper

6) Azam J., Thelen V. (2013) 'The Geo-Politics of Foreign Aid and Transnational Terrorism', Toulouse School of Economics and University of Rennes 1, working paper

7) Drelichman M., Voth H. (2011) 'Lending to the Borrower from Hell: Debt and Default in the Age of Philip II', The Economic Journal, 121(557): 1205-1227

8) Benmelech E., Berrebi C., Klor E. (2012) 'Economic Conditions and the Quality of Suicide Terrorism', The Journal of Politics, 74(1): 113-128

9) Iyigun M. (2013) 'Lessons from the Ottoman Harem on Culture, Religion, and Wars', Economic Development and Cultural Change, 61(4): 693-730

10) Franck R., Iannaccone L. (2013) 'Religious Decline in the 20th Century West: Testing Alternative Explanations', Public Choice, forthcoming

If you're interested in further papers along the same lines, here's the syllabus.

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