Thursday, 2 January 2014

10 best recent papers on China's institutions

A good thing to do during the first days of the new year is to read new papers about China. Below is a list with the 10 recent papers that I liked best:

1) Cai, Fang, Xu (2011) 'Eat, Drink, Firms, Government: An Investigation of Corruption from the Entertainment and Travel Costs of Chinese Firms', Journal of Law and Economics, 54(1): 55-78

2) Cong (2013) 'Road to Revival: A New Move in the Making of Legitimacy for the Ruling Party in China', Journal of Contemporary China, 22(83): 905-922

3) King, Pan, Roberts (2013) 'How Censorship in China Allows Government Criticism but Silences Collective Expression', American Political Science Review, 107(2): 1-18

4) King, Pan, Roberts (2013) 'A Randomized Experimental Study of Censorship in China', working paper, Harvard University

5) Su, Tao, Xi, Li (2012) 'Local Officials Incentives and China's Economic Growth: Tournament Thesis Reexamined and Alternative Explanatory Framework', China & World Economy, 20(4): 1-18

6) Fisman, Wang (2013) 'The Mortality Cost of Political Connections', working paper, Columbia University and University of Southern California

7) Nie, Jiang, Wang (2013) 'The Impact of Political Cycle: Evidence from Coalmine Accidents in China', Journal of Comparative Economics, 41(4): 995-1011

8) Takeuchi (2013) 'Survival Strategies of Township Governments in Rural China: From Predatory Taxation to Land Trade', Journal of Contemporary China, 22(83): 755-772

9) Kung, Chen (2013) 'Do Land Revenue Windfalls Reduce the Career Incentives of County Leaders? Evidence from China', working paper, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

10) Almen (2013) 'Only the Party Manages Cadres: Limits of Local People's Congress Supervision and Reform in China', Journal of Contemporary China, 22(80): 237-254

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