Sunday, 7 April 2013

The Chinese Market

In the West of Yekaterinburg, you can find the "Chinese Market" (Китайский рынок). From the centre, tramway No. 13 brings you right there.

Just before the market, the tramway passes over a bridge, to cross the Transsiberian Railway.

On the market, the traders (mainly from Central Asia and China) sell many things. Especially shoes and warm clothes are on offer. I like these kind of markets, and their atmosphere of busy trading. In a way, this is economics at its purest - supply and demand, with people from different continents meeting to buy and sell.

While most of the market was composed of makeshift tents and booths, in the centre the Chinese had built a complex of big buildings, each called after a different Asian city.

Inside, the goods on offer looked very similar to what was offered on the rest of the market, but the traders were definitely Chinese. I talked a bit with a young couple, and promised to bring them their picture the next time I would pass by.

From the upper floor, one had a nice view over the railway, the city, and the industrial landscapes outside.

Again on the street, I met some happy shoe-sellers.


As it was still very cold, the meat-sellers didn't have to care about refrigeration, and could just present their products on hooks outside their shops.

Finally, once the shopping is done, tram No. 13 carries you safely back to the city.

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